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What is the estimated cooking time for a Spit Roast?

A whole lamb cooks to perfection in +- 2 hours. After the lamb is cooked we will carve the meat (+- 30 minutes) into our serving dish where we baste it with our “secret” basting sauce. Now we are ready to serve…

Do you need to put out tables to serve the food on?


How does the pricing work for children?

Children younger than 10 eats for half price and children younger than 3 eats for free.

When would you need final numbers and menu choices by?

If you can supply us with the final details no less than 10 days prior to your function, please.

If we should decide on hiring the crockery and cutlery from you would your staff be clearing it away?

Included in the price for hiring our plates and cutlery we will clear all of this and take it away dirty.

How much space does your setup need?

We would require 3×3 meters. If numbers exceeding 200 people we would require double this, and so forth.

Can you do a spitbraai indoors?

We do prefer outdoor space, but on quite a few occasions done this indoors. Due to the nature of our machinery (gas operated) there is no smoke and mess, so in theory it works much like an oven. The only problem would be heat detecting fire alarms. These are found in some indoor spaces and would be a problem seeing that the machines do give off a fair share of heat. Otherwise it will be no problem.

What about left-overs?

Please make sure to have some extra dishes/bowls at hand for there’s very likely to be some left-overs which would make for a festive breakfast the next day.

How does payment work?

We require a 60% deposit to confirm your booking. This can be paid via transferring the money straight into our bank account.

The balance is payable on the day through either cash or proof of an online payment. If you want to do a bank transfer for the balance, please make sire to do this in advance as it could take up to 3 days to clear in our account.

What is the minimum numbers you cater for?

There is no minimum number of guests who must attend your spitbraai, we cater for any size, big or small.

What are the diameters of your roasting machinery, just to make sure we have good access?

We would need access of no less than 80cm in width and 1,5m in height.

How far do you travel?

We travel a 150km radius in and around Cape Town. However only the first 30km from Kraaifontein is free.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.